What is Google My Business and Why Local Businesses Need It

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Bisnis lokal memiliki kebutuhan yang unik dalam hal pemasaran digital. Apakah Google My Business – serta manfaat nya bagi bisnis lokal Anda.

Of course, you want as much online visibility as possible, but more importantly, you want to reach the right people. If your best customers are local, then these are the people you want to find on your website, social media channels, etc.

The Google My Business feature is crucial to achieving this goal, so we created a complete service to optimize and manage your business’ Google profile. This will help locals find your listing and drive more quality traffic to your site.

What is Google My Business? And the benefits for me?

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool provided by Google that allows business owners to claim and manage an online profile. The information on your GMB profile is what people see on Google Maps and what is referred to as the “map pack” at the top of certain search results.

You can see this for yourself by typing in “lawyers in [your city] on Google”. You will see results near the top that look like the image below. You’ll notice that paid ads are usually the top results with Maps listings right below them (if any).

Around 46% of all searches are for local information and Google My Business listings help users find what they are looking for on the first try.

Claiming your Google My Business profile and keeping it updated with the most relevant business information – phone number, website, opening hours, etc. – ensure you are listed in local map search results and found by users looking for the products or services you offer.

Around 46% of online searches are for local information”.

What can Google My Business do for local SEO?

Having a listing on GMB plays an important role in your local SEO. For starters, this listing can put you at or near the top of search results when someone does a search related to your industry or area of expertise.

Google also displays a “knowledge panel” to the right of search results. This feature pulls details from GMB and Maps to make it easier for searchers to get the information they need.

Knowledge panel

Map packages and knowledge panels are indispensable as they allow people to contact you even if they don’t visit your website. In the screenshot above, searchers can schedule a visit or get directions, and even ask questions without having to leave the search results page.

“So, why do I need a website?” You might ask. Google My Business doesn’t provide the depth or level of control (design, branding, etc.) that your website does. All your GMB listing provides are the basics of where to find you and how to contact you, which some people (mobile users of course) need.

“GMB listings and websites work together to reach more people and attract more customers to your business”

When GMB optimization is done right, everyone wins: Google improves its reputation as the most convenient source of information, searchers find what they’re looking for, and you create new opportunities for lead generation.

Google My Business Review

Google My Business listings allow people to review your business through Google Maps. And with some proactive efforts, you can get more positive reviews from customers to increase the relevance and authority of your business.

GMB displays reviews and average ratings publicly in search results, so many searchers choose the business they want to see first based solely on its reviews.

If you’re looking for a local business and one listing has no reviews, while another has a dozen, which one would you click on first? Reviews add a sense of trust and legitimacy. Reviews are social proof that people have interacted with a business and recommended it to others.

How can I make the most of Google My Business?

Before trying to change anything, type your company name and location into Google to see if your business already has a GMB listing. You’ll probably find that a listing with your details already exists, especially if your business has been around for a few years.

A pre-existing GMB listing for your business means that someone has provided details about the location to Google (without claiming to be the owner). In this case, you’ll need to provide proof that it’s your business before you can take control of the listing.

If you can’t find an existing listing, log into GMB and click the Create button. Google will notify you if a possible duplicate listing already exists.

Updating all your business information (name, address, phone number, hours of operation, website, etc.) should be your top priority. You also need to confirm that you are listed in the correct industry to ensure you appear in the most relevant search results.

If you don’t have a physical location that you want customers to visit, make sure to select the area that you serve. Google needs this information to show your listing when people perform a relevant search in one of those areas.

For example, a farmer who delivers boxes of produce to customers may not operate out of a store, but delivers to a specific area. They can list their farm address, but listing their service area will help Google drive more people to their business.

Another scenario is if you have a store or office but offer delivery or site visits. In this case, you can select “Yes, I also serve them outside my location” in your GMB profile and select the areas you serve.

Another thing we recommend is opting to get updates and recommendations from Google for your listings. These prompts make it easier for you to keep your listings active and up-to-date. But if possible, don’t wait for the nudge. Try to always remember to update your GMB listing as soon as there are changes.

What if you have more than one location?

You don’t need to create and manage a Google My Business account for each branch. Google solves that problem with location groups.

Location groups allow you to manage multiple listings from a single dashboard. Simply verify your primary or main location (like company headquarters) with Google first. This will act as your main hub account and make it possible to add other locations.

Note that it may take a few weeks to receive your verification code via email after creating a new GMB profile. But once your main location is verified, adding another branch is a much faster process.


Once all the company and branch details are properly registered, it’s time to use the GMB features that allow you to post about promotions, answer custom questions, and add photos of your team. These updates dramatically improve the quality of your GMB listing.

It’s also important to track and monitor the progress of your Google profile so you can see what’s working and what needs to be changed. Don’t leave your Google My Business profile dormant.

If you need help setting up and managing your Google My Business profile, visit Google My Business services to find out more about how to promote your business.

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