Facebook Spam Report Service to Report Problematic Accounts

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You Save: $5 (20%)
  • Bonus 100+ free spam reports
  • Cost for 1000 spam reports
  • Speed between 1000-50,000 spam reports per day
  • Maximum order of 50,000 spam reports per post
  • Start: 24-48 hours after order confirmation is received
  • Can make a post or profile deleted
  • We are not responsible for any consequences of using this service
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Disclaimer: This service can subvert problematic Facebook posts or fan pages so that they can be deleted by Facebook.

Did you find a problematic Facebook post or profile? Which content is spreading fake news? Yup, we provide Facebook spam report service to report these accounts using multiple accounts. As a result – Facebook will take notice of the post or profile – and may sanction the removal of the post or even the Facebook profile. We don’t guarantee that the post will be taken down or the profile will be deleted – but – of course Facebook will pay attention to petitions reported by thousands of users. The Facebook spam report service is very useful for reporting problematic Facebook accounts.

This service is very dangerous. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR USING THIS SERVICE.

  • Order using your photo link or profile link
  • Orders can be doubled with a maximum number of 50,000 spam reports
  • Orders over 10,000 spam reports please contact us to use invoice
  • Cannot enter a second order when the first order has not been completed
5 reviews for "Facebook Spam Report Service to Report Problematic Accounts"

  1. Ayu Nurannisa

    I really remember the first time I tried this when many people reported posts that were ewwww, which means that nowadays FB users have no sense of humanity. Try this service and boom it works

    • Admin

      Thank you. We are happy if our products and services can be utilized as well as possible.

  2. SANTI

    Including people who really like to change accounts but since some time ago forgot pw and don’t want their fb account to still exist so try this service first.

    • Admin

      Don’t forget again, brother. Happy to help

  3. Gabriela Ardano

    Okay service
    Friendly and as described.

    • Admin

      Terimakasih atas ulasannya

  4. Mutiara Hana Zakiah

    Finally fell too. Hheheh…feel it. Thanks SEOShortcut

    • Admin

      Thanks for your review.

  5. Anton Handi

    Ok perfect job

    • Admin

      Thanks for your review.

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