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You Save: $3 (23%)
  • Bonus 100 free facebook post likes
  • Maximum order up to 10,000 likes
  • Charge per 1000 facebook shares
  • Start 10 minutes – 1 hour after order confirmation
  • Very good quality – very cheap price
  • No password required – 100% secure
  • Improve branding and reputation
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If you often post – either on your facebook profile or fanpage – but almost no one responds by giving likes and so on, it means you need the services of facebook likes ost services that we have. This Facebook likes post services will provide likes for every post you do. The goal is to increase engagement and interaction – so that your post will go viral and be liked by many Facebook users.

This Facebook likes post services done by worldwide accounts – with real profile pictures and identities – so it is very good for your facebook post likes.

Immediately increase the engagement of your Facebook post likes – with the best price guarantee and the best quality.

  • Order using facebook post link
  • Order per 1000 likes
  • Order starts between 10 minutes-1 hour after order confirmation.
  • All orders are placed manually from Indonesian user profile
28 reviews for "Facebook Likes Post Services"

  1. Ghony Murtadha

    Great, thanks

    • Admin

      Thank you so much

  2. Nurzaidan Widyahartono

    Nice and enjoyed

    • Admin

      Thank you so much

  3. Theodore Kusumanegar

    Very practical order.
    How many stars would you give me? 4 or 5? Quite satisfied with the service.

    • Admin

      Thank you for the review. Your review means a lot to us 🙏

  4. Fadlan Alfadhilah

    Enough support for those who are starting a small business. Likes don’t drop and warranty is okee

    • Admin

      Thank you for the review. Your review means a lot to us

  5. Aini Kholisah

    The description hit me so hard. Thanks for presenting this product. Super friendly and communicative service makes you feel at home and don’t regret buying here.

    • Admin

      Thank you for the review. Your review means a lot to us

  6. Denisya Hadad Firdaus

    Good fast work

  7. Lugita Sari


    sorry for the lazy review version of writing yaaaa 😭😭😭😭 but it’s really good huhuhu

  8. Aitadza

    Good there is no match in guaranteed addiction to buy again

  9. Febi Zulaikha

    Great, cool

  10. Ulfa

    Recommended to be an option to boost social media. The service is okay and the service also does not make you disappointed Thx

  11. Gracheva Aleyda

    If you search for fb like services here via google search, it’s not sure if it will appear. On average, what appears from the market place web is like s***** or la***** or bl like that. But overall here is also more guaranteed results and safety. Fast response is also the seller so it doesn’t make us anxious. Hopefully it will be more advanced and can be no 1 yaa

  12. H. Sari Dewi

    The best FB like I’ve ever tried. Even though the order is late at night but the admin immediately chat. MUST try if you need this kind of service!

  13. Ina Muthiah


  14. Liramerry

    Very cool myboss 😭

  15. Myth P.Pertiwi


  16. Diska Arisa

    Service 💯💯. Didn’t wait long to get it done. First impression 👌👌💯🔥

  17. Risa Indrawati

    The price is quite affordable. There are many choices, you can choose according to your own wishes or if you are confused, you will be given advice on which one is good.

  18. Widia R

    As expected and at the right price. Thank you

  19. Agnovita Viny M

    Well served, suggestions and other things later I will try to apply yes okay?. Thanks for the bonus 💕💕

  20. Ainaya Cindy Prahesti

    Not bad
    Results: Not bad

    Is it recommended? Yes.

  21. AA. Hanif Nabila

    This is cool, thank you

  22. Afrida Ananda E

    Thanks. Fast process, fast response.

  23. Ahmad Risqi


  24. Airidisari

    Good, very fast thank you very much

  25. Sabila Faza

    Very good, SUITABLE between QUALITY AND DESCRIPTION. ok.

  26. Wanda Anindita

    Good products don’t regret buying here. no nonsense and the original is like that. That’s all. Good luck Boss!

  27. Putri Pamuji Huda

    Endessss marendeeeeesss bray. Cool.

  28. Ira Desssy

    As ordered, safe and fast respond

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