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  • Bonus 200+ views high retention FREE
  • Real users and views from suggest source
  • 400-600 views per day
  • 13-15 minute watch times
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Increase video ranking
  • Start 5 minutes-1 hour after order confirmation
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Buy high retention youtube views services is youtube views with a very long watch time. Suppose your video is 30 minutes long and orders high retention Youtube views services 10 minutes, then your video will be watched for 10 minutes. This is very good and important to increase video ranking.

In addition, the addition of views will be very slow only between 400-600 views per day – thus it will be very natural for your Youtube channel. Very powerful to monetize your video.

Immediately buy high retention youtube views service then your video will immediately increase its ranking.

  • Your video link must be public
  • Orders can be doubled with an unlimited maximum amount
  • Can not enter a second order when the first order has not been completed
  • Don’t forget to enter the video link at the end of the order step
  • Longer watch time available
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    Great services !! Cool !!

    • Admin

      Thank you

  2. Fitri Mutmainnah

    This is the 2nd order for seoshortcut and like before, the result is satisfactory. Communication was smooth, repairs were done well and quickly. Thank you.

    • Admin

      Thank you for being our loyal customer.

  3. Dwimar

    Good and decent

    • Admin

      Thank you

  4. tamagochism

    Cool… as expected… yes

    • Admin

      Than kyou..

  5. Novia Rachmawati

    Thank you kak. Btw, please help if there are complaints later thanks

    • Admin

      I’m really ready for that. Can you chat us again if there is something missing

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