How to Remove Negative Reviews on Google Map

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You are very upset. How do I remove people’s negative reviews on Google Map? Yup, that’s the question for a reason that makes you so annoyed. Yes, furious and angry – but unfortunately you don’t know who to vent your anger to. Your business is doing really well. Every day, tens to hundreds of people flock to your business. They come from all over – ushered in by Google listing your business on Google Maps. Existing customers are also happy to leave positive comments and reviews about their satisfying experience doing business with you. Your business – in fact – is well known for its quality, low cost and excellent customer service.

But suddenly – your business is disrupted because a group of people wrote a bad review about your business. Not only do they give one star as the lowest rating – but they also make comments that are completely untrue. Whether you are called a cheater – called irresponsible – called expensive – called the food not good – called the product not good and a thousand and one bad comments that are completely untrue. Your anxiety is well-founded because even those negative comments are always on top and will be read by everyone. Yes, those comments are fake comments and lies that are deliberately inputted by people who want to bring you down. Your business is not what these people are writing about. But you can’t tell that to everyone. They’ll believe the comments anyway – and start avoiding doing business with you.

How do I remove people’s negative reviews on Google Map? You’re really dizzy and furious with this question.

Yes, you feel like your business is going downhill. Your loyal customer even asks why someone would write such a comment. You’ve explained it to them – and you’re also pretty sure that your customers aren’t affected by the negative comments. In fact, they themselves say they don’t believe it. But – once again – you’re dissatisfied and there’s still something wrong – which you only realize later because your loyal customers are slowly not shopping at your place anymore. For various reasons that seem far-fetched, they start shopping at your competitor’s store; leaving you alone in helplessness to answer why all these things are happening to you. It really makes you desperate; how do you remove people’s negative reviews on Google map?

The issue of goodwill and reputation – especially if it’s about an online profile that can be seen by many people – certainly cannot be underestimated. On the contrary – it must be resolved immediately. Or if not – the ugliness will increasingly roll into a large with increasingly bad effects that cannot be predicted. The most appropriate action is to clean it up immediately – and take preventive steps to prevent it from happening again.

How to Delete Negative Reviews of People on Google Map

The trick; NO WAY.

Yes, the negative review was given by someone else with their own gmail account. Unless you have access to their gmail account, then you can edit or delete the negative review. But since you can’t have access to the negative account – then you won’t be able to delete it. Yup, if the one who gave the negative comment is your client – you certainly know them and persuade or compensate for the loss of the bad comment so that it is deleted or at least edited to be more neutral.

However – if the negative reviews and ratings are given by anonymous accounts that you don’t even know – then you can’t contact that person let alone persuade him to delete the negative reviews and ratings. You are like eating a simalakama fruit. You need a Google Map to support your business presence – but that Google Map also contains the negative review.

Unfortunately – you can’t delete your address because Google will show your address again even if you delete your account. So, if you’re looking for a way to remove negative reviews on Google Maps, the answer is no. However – there is still something you can do. What is that?

So if that’s the case; what else should you do to remove people’s negative reviews on Google Maps?

There are still 2 things you can do:
1. You add so many positive reviews and ratings that the bad ratings are offset and drowned out by the positive comments.

Is this the best and final solution?
No, it’s not. The negative reviews are still there. People can still access and read them because the negative reviews are not deleted. However; at least if your previous rating was only 1, if you have added a positive rating to 4, then your rating is more tolerable and hopefully the negative review will not be read by people. Your negative review will be drowned out by the negative review. You will be helped temporarily – if the negative reviews stop. Or you are helped forever if you continue to bombard with positive reviews so that the negative google map revew is completely submerged. This is one way to remove negative reviews of people on Google Map.

2. You contact Google, asking them to remove the negative review.

It’s not easy and will definitely take time and effort but it’s still worth doing rather than ruining your business and reputation.

The problem with reporting to Google for removal is – Google doesn’t look at whether the negative review is true or not. All Google does is review whether or not the comment was said in harsh words; whether the profile that submitted it is in the same location or in the vicinity; whether it was submitted using the same IP account; to whether or not the reviews from the same profile are always negative. It is also seen whether the profile level is trusted or not. So when we report – Google does not immediately delete it but reviews it first and of course it takes time.

So; how to remove negative reviews of people on Google Maps?

Yup, we have a solution on how to remove negative reviews on Google map.

In some cases, we are able to remove negative reviews of people on Google maps in just a matter of hours even though some cases are always in a matter of days because reporting to Google is also not always immediately responded to. However, in general we know which report reasons are the most powerful for Google to respond to and which almost always get the negative review removed. Our experience in reporting thousands of negative comments and seeing their progress – made us find the right pattern to always make the negative comments deleted.

This service of removing negative reviews of people on Google Maps is not always available in other agencies. If you want to remove negative reviews on Google Maps and find this Google Maps negative review removal service that we offer, then you are very lucky. We will take care of all the negative reviews on your Google Map and remove them. Take care of it to Google until it is deleted and clean.

We save you the time and effort of waiting anxiously for a reply from Google, emailing Google and explaining the situation – appealing if it doesn’t get deleted to following up if it still doesn’t get a response. Yup, we have a service to remove people’s negative reviews on Google Maps – which is even cheaper if you let us protect your gmap account for a certain period. On our annual plans – we’ll protect and monitor and even grow your Gmaps account until you get the most out of it. Of course – if you just want to remove those negative comments – we’re happy to do that.

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