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Yup, you’re looking for Google Maps optimization services – because you want to grow your business? Yes, that’s right – you’ve realized the importance of Google Maps for your local business, and you want to expand it even further to “capture” more visitors to your business through Google Maps. Google Maps is indeed a powerful solution – free and very powerful to bring so many visitors to your business. A well-optimized Google Maps will make your business huge. You really don’t know how much Google Maps can do for your business until your business that used to get only 5-10 visitors – suddenly has to receive 50-100 people per day. A number that would be unimaginable today – but not impossible with the internet. Your business can suddenly explode because Google delivers so many clients to your business from everywhere. HHeheh…. of course this is possible because more and more people search for information about anything on Google first. So when your Google Maps is well optimized and on the front page of Google – it’s no surprise that your business will be visited by many people.

Advantages of optimizing Google Maps

Yes, so what are the advantages of using Google Maps optimization services? Is it really useful for my business – because at this time even without using professionals – my business is pretty good from this Google Maps.

Below, we try to summarize at least 5 advantages of using Google Maps optimization services

First : Your Local Business will Get Lots of Potential Customers

Wow, seriously? How many? The addition of only 1-2 people, it means nothing. I want to add at least 100% of my current business visitors.

Heemm… big is Google’s potential to bring in customers for you? Wow… the potential is the same as how many people are looking for those needs at your business location. For example, let’s say your neighborhood has 7 million people – and your neighborhood has 1 million people. Assume only 50% of them use Google – then you have the potential to get 500,000 visits. Hemm… but this number is too big because not everyone needs your services or products. OK, let’s say 20% need your product – then roughly 100,000 people will become your prospects. Hemm… this number is still too big – suppose out of 100,000 people only 10% find your location, then you have 10,000 potential customers. Wow….10,000 is still impossible to be my buyer. Let’s assume only 10% of potential buyers become my customers, then you have 1,000 customers. Hmmm….with 1000 customers times your service fee of Rp.300,000, – for example, you will get an additional income of Rp. 300,000,000,-. And actually these are minimal figures.

In fact, with Google you have unlimited potential to grow your business; whatever size you desire. All that is your job is to make how to get your business location on the first page of Google – and Google will do the rest to bring potential customers to your business.

Yup, the task of getting your business to be on the first page of Google is the responsibility of the Google Maps optimization service provider.

Second; Many New Customers coming to your business

Wooww….. is probably why Google continues to be such a big company; because so many people have thanked them with various free services that make people’s lives easier. With Google maps, people visiting an area – they no longer have to stop and ask questions; but by simply following the guidance of Google Maps, they will be delivered safely to their destination.

The same goes for your business. Potential customers who find your business on Google Maps but don’t know exactly where you are located – they just need to follow the Google Maps instructions and voila; they have arrived at your business location. When your business location is on page 1 of Google, you’ll be amazed at how many people suddenly come to your location. I don’t know where they came from – but they managed to find your location; even in remote areas. Isn’t this a very powerful feature? Tens to hundreds of visitors are ready to flood your location – as soon as you are on the first page of Google.

Can you imagine how big your business will become in the future; if your Google Maps location is well optimized? Maybe right now you also can’t wait to contact us and ask for Google Maps optimization services so that your business is immediately on page 1 of Google?

Third; Your Business Visitors are Targeted Visitors

Yup, different from websites where visitors are still mixed whether they are just looking for information or want to buy your products/services; on the contrary, visitors from Google Maps are targeted visitors to buy. Those who search with the purpose of business location are those who are ready to buy with a credit card in your hand. They are no longer just looking for knowledge about your product such as for research or so on; instead they already have a need that wants to be fulfilled.

So it’s no wonder that the conversion of Google Maps visitors is huge. When they find your location – it is just a matter of whether you present your services and business completely – whether it is persuasive enough to make them choose your location over competitors – and whether your services/products match the needs they need. If everything is complete; then you just have to accept the flood of orders.

Wooww…. sounds so easy. But how to do it?

Hehehe…. of course; you don’t have to bother with everything. Our Google Maps Optimization service will do it all. We will look at your profile and optimize it. Completing everything needed to be persuasive in the eyes of Google and potential customers. Also optimize it professionally so that potential customers choose your location over competitors.

Fourtth, Customer Reviews for Business Reputation

Yup, this one feature is also very important and beneficial for you. Google Maps provides space so that your customers can provide testimonials or reviews of how their experience was after visiting your business. Of course, this is very important and beneficial for you. We all know that word of mouth is the most powerful form of promotion. And this promotion is what Google is applying to make your business more viral.

Satisfied customers will put their impressions on your Google Maps page – which will be read by your visitors and potential customers. They will see that your business can be trusted – with more affordable prices and better service. As a result – you won’t have to get tired of promoting it anymore. With such testimonials, potential customers will more easily and quickly make the decision to buy your products. They will immediately take out their wallets and make the purchase.

Not only that, the reviews and ratings even help you to improve your business rating on Google. The more good ratings and honest reviews, the more your business ranks on Google. With the increase of your business – the more potential customers you will get. The sky is our limit – with your business well optimized on Google.

Of course, all of the above is included in our Google Maps optimization services. All you have to do is settle for a flood of customers – even at an almost absurdly low cost.

Last but not least, Google Maps Optimization is Faster

Yes, compared to website SEO optimization, Google Maps optimization is faster – and much cheaper. Compared to website optimization services, Google Maps optimization services have even seen results since the 2nd and 3rd months. Whereas with website optimization services, the 2nd and 3rd months are usually still at the website optimization stage itself.

However, this does not mean that Google Maps optimization services replace website optimization services. Google Maps optimization services complement website optimization that is able to present your business in a more complete and powerful way – where the website and everything on the website can be managed and owned by yourself. Whereas in Google Maps optimization services, we optimize Google property so that it provides the maximum benefit for our business.

How much does Google Maps optimization cost?

Google Maps optimization services actually depend on the size of the location you want to cover – as well as the competition of the niche or segment, as well as how many keywords you want to target. However, once again, compared to website optimization services that can reach millions of rupiah per month, Google Maps optimization services can even start with only a few hundred thousand.

The Google Maps optimization services that we offer have several packages, namely monthly packages, 6-month packages and annual packages. Of course, the longer the package you take, the more keywords you can optimize and the cheaper the cost. But of course, you can start with a monthly package first to see the results at a glance, and then take a longer package for more definite results.

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