Turnover Up 500% in 90 days

Google Maps Optimization Services is your SEO Shortcut to get your business on page 1 of Google. 90 days and get 5x Profits from your current business! GUARANTEED....!

500% in 90 days

90 days and 5x from your current business! Only we dare to give it. GUARANTEED!!!

New Customer

Google Maps delivers new customers from all directions - continuously....!


Sales are booming - so PROFITS are skyrocketing... UP TO 5 X ......OH MY!

GET STARTED RIGHT NOWIncrease Your Business with Google Maps Optimization

  • Create Google Maps
  • Google Maps Optimization
  • Remove Bad Review

Create Google Maps

Your https://krakenfm.net business improvement starts here. We will create maps for your business location so that they appear on Google

Market Research

Research opportunities for your business with the most potential customers - but the least competition. Wow...

Address Verification

Hemm... your business has been registered but don't know what to do next? Yup, we'll claim it for you

Interesting Content

Yup, copywriting your maps with the most persuasive Title and description, making clients not turn to other maps

Suspended? No Worries!

Your maps got deleted? Don't worry, we'll take care of it and bring it back to life!

Maximum Regular Update

Update your maps regularly - let Google love your Maps and send you customers

Manual Promotion

Yup, real customers come from all over - hear your business from everywhere

Adding Reviews and Ratings

Convincing reviews - will make new customers without a second thought choose to do business with you

Content Placement Everywhere

Persuasive and positive reviews that persuade potential customers to contact you. Very powerful!!

Page 1 of Google

Always appear on page 1 of Google for related business searches. Congratulations - you got a lot of customers

Visit Optimization

Flooding your Maps location with quotes, so that your business is noticed by Google to increase its ranking

Profit increased 5x

Profit increased up to 500x in just 90 days! Try and Prove it!

Remove Bad Review

Bad reviews make customer trust in your business decrease, Sales slumped. We will remove the bad review!

Blocking Fake Reviews

Your rival left a negative review to bring down your business? We'll block them from disappearing forever.

Remove Bad Rating

Your business was given one star? That means it's really bad. Don't worry, we'll remove it; IMMEDIATELY.

Protect your Maps

With our technology - Your Maps are protected 24 hours a day. Your business will run optimally

Handling Complaints

Don't worry, we will handle the bad review complaints you receive in a persuasive way

The One and Only Agency

Only we offer complete and guaranteed services for Google Maps! Call us now



YES, your business will increase up to 5X Profit within 90 Days! TRY and PROVE!


Increase your turnover 5X from now on !

Google Maps Optimization Services with faster results - Lower Cost and Guaranteed 5X results in 90 days
Page 1 of Google with millions of visitors every day. Amazing...
Expert and professional team - proven by thousands of customers.

Measurable Progress Report

Report results from Google directly that can be followed in real time. No data manipulation

5x Profits

500% profit increase - within 90 days. Guaranteed! When else is there something like this.

5 Star Rating

Solid and experienced team. Don't let your competitors find us

Monitor Control

Continuous monitoring and updates for each map client. Spend time with your family !

We will increase Your Business Profit with Low and Affordable cost! Just 90 days and your business Profit will increase up to 5X!


Edwin Teguh N

Founder and CEO

Don't delay anymore

Your business can grow more powerful by optimizing Google Maps to the maximum. Google Maps Optimization Services for businesses with crazy profits
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